Bastard is production + whatever it takes to get your content seen, and to be effective.


But no matter how amazing your content looks, how compelling your narrative is, it’s worthless if it’s not seen by the people you created it for. Content needs context and an audience to be successful. Bastard delivers both.   

With complementary creative and media capabilities, Bastard is the evolution of production. Production 2.0. Production, plus.
From national television spots and earned-media stunts, to digital activations and viral GIFs, we have delivered award-winning work for the likes of Ubisoft, Monster's NOS Energy Drink, VH1, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, STARZ, and more.  

Bastard partners with brands directly, as well as through shops like sister agency, The Many.





不管您的广告内容多么令人称赞、您的讲述手法多么具有说服力,如果目标人群没有看到,一切功夫都是白费。 广告的成功要素有二:文化背景环境的适应性和目标人群定位的精准性。我们Bastard都可以帮您做到。


从传统的全国电视广告,到数字化的网络线上活动和赢得的病毒式传播GIF,我们为UBISOFT育碧游戏、Monster Energy Drink怪物能量饮料、Viacom威亚康姆集团旗下的VH1电视网络,洛杉矶旅游会议委员会, 和Starz有线台等多次提供获奖作品。

我们能够直接与品牌客户合作,同时也通过我们的姐妹创意广告公司——The Many一起合作。